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What is Kajo Zendo?

Kajo Zendo is a small group of dedicated soto zen practitioners. The group was started in 2008. The practitioners live around Finland. The focus of the group is on zazen practice.

What is zazen?

Zazen is the activity of sitting facing a wall keeping the zazen posture as one is able to, and doing nothing else.

If it’s a new thing for you, you’ll be shown how to do it when we meet for the first time.

How To Practice Zazen by Peter Rocca

How To Practice Zazen by Gudo Nishijima (*.pdf)

Eido Michale Luetchford’s pdf Introduction to Buddhism and The Practice of Zazen can be downloaded here in different languages

What does Kajo Zendo offer?

A chance to meet and practice with other people who also practice in their everyday life.

Weekly sittings take place in Helsinki and in Turku.

There are also online sittings on weekdays, daylong sittings (zazenkai) every month and 3-day retreats (sesshin) twice a year.

Sometimes a weekly sitting will have to be cancelled, for that purpose there is a mailing list and Facebook page for both cities.

What happens at the weekly sittings?

Weekly practice consists of 30 minutes zazen. Afterwards there is a chance to have an informal chat with participants by a cup of tea or coffee

Weekly sittings are held on Thursdays. Zazen practice starts at 18 (Helsinki) and 17.30 (Turku). Please contact us before you come for the first time.

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