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Our practice is zazen (shikantaza) taught by Master Dogen.

We think it is nice to meet people with similar interests and practice zazen together. If you think so too, it is easily done by coming to our weekly zazen practice.

Weekly practice is every Thursday at 6 pm. at Meritullinkatu 11, Helsinki. There is a tutor, a person responsible for organizing the practice from 5.30 pm. Doors are closed 5 minute before zazen begins.

Weekly practice consists of 30 minutes zazen. Afterwards there is a chance to have an informal chat with participants by a cup of tea or coffee


People who are interested in soto zen or want to learn zazen can contact us.

For more info:

How To Practice Zazen by Gudo Nishijima (*.pdf)

How To Practice Zazen by Peter Rocca